Our training package runs for eight weeks and consists of three training sessions a week with pro boxing coaches, hosted at Golden Gloves Community Boxing Gym. The programme is designed for absolute beginners – catering for novices and those just starting out on their fitness journey; although those with previous experience will continue to benefit from our focused sessions. We have a number of fighters who have returned for their third, fourth or fifth bouts with us.

During the course of the training, the coaches monitor your progress and will always match you with an opponent of similar ability, fitness and experience – we want everyone to step into the ring with a fair chance at winning their bout. Our coaches bring a wealth of experience and will offer advice and guidance throughout.

The training camp for our December show starts on Tuesday 2nd October – SIGN UP NOW

Our coaching team includes a number of pro boxers, including WBC World Youth Champion Michael Mckinson. You may well find yourself training alongside the pros (or have them in your corner on fight night), but the attitude in the gym is that everyone who is there to train receives equal respect and guidance.

Boxing is a demanding sport that requires years of dedication and hard graft. There is fit and then there’s boxing fit. Eight weeks is a short space of time, you will not become the next Anthony Joshua overnight… but if you take full advantage of our intensive training schedule, you will be ready to step into the ring and compete; equipped with good solid basic boxing training, fitness and conditioning.

The Lowdown

Tuesdays 7.30-8.30pm

Fridays 7.30-8.30pm

Sundays 10.00-11.00am

You will receive eight weeks of free training, hosted at Golden Gloves Community Boxing Gym. Core fitness is at the heart of the training programme, all sessions will include an element of working on cardio, strength and conditioning. 3 x 2 minute rounds might not sound like a lot, but it is physically demanding. Fitness is the foundation upon which we build your training.

The programme will also introduce and develop balance, stance, rotation and technical work; including movement, guard, jab and combination. We work on the bags and in the ring to develop technique, before moving on to sparring.

You will need to purchase your own gloves and gumshield, all other equipment for training is provided.



In addition to the three inclusive training sessions per week, the Gym on Rodney Road, Portsmouth are offering a 24 hour a day gym membership for free to all CFN fighters. Check out what they offer here.

The Gym management staff will also be offering fitness-based strength & conditioning sessions for any boxers needing more than the provided sessions to get fit for the big night! Sessions will be offered at a heavily discounted price of £5 per person with a minimum of 4 attendees per session and will last approximately 45 minutes. For any booking enquires please contact Brendan Mckernan or Harrison White.

Staff at the gym are always on hand to offer training support and advice and we hope you utilize your free membership to ensure the highest levels of fitness. We hope to see you soon!

Ballys Gym also offers a range of boxercise classes at just £5 per session. These are a great way of topping up your fitness during one of our programmes, or maintaining it after or in-between shows. The coaches at Ballys also offer one-to-ones at very competitive prices. If you’re looking for a little extra guidance or a competitive edge, then please speak to Michael, Gav or Mikey. Our Facebook page will have the latest details on either of these sessions.